The Data Revolution book is one of the first outputs from a five year project, ‘The Programmable City’ funded by a European Research Council Advanced Investigator award.  This project focuses on the intersection of big and open data, ubiquitous computing, software and smart cities.  The project actively collates new material, such as news stories and academic papers concerning big data, open data and data infrastructures, onto its! page.  The team of ten researchers also regularly write blog posts on themes covered in the book and post videos and podcasts of talks presented at project events.  In addition I tweet daily links to material about open and big data.  A summary of these resources can be accessed in the column on the right or by clicking on the links above or images below.  I’ve also provided some links below to some of my academic papers/book chapters (some of which fed into the book), blog posts and videos.  A longer list of my written work can be found here.

Related books

Kitchin, R. and Dodge, M. (2011)  Code/Space: Software and Everyday Life.  MIT Press.
Dodge, M. and Kitchin, R.  (2001)  Atlas of Cyberspace.  Addison-Wesley. (free download)
Dodge, M. and Kitchin, R. (2000) Mapping Cyberspace.  Routledge.

Academic papers/book chapters

Kitchin, R. and McArdle, G. (2016) What makes big data, big data? Exploring the ontological characteristics of 26 datasets. Big Data & Society 3: 1–10 (download)

Kitchin, R. (2016) Thinking critically about and researching algorithms. Information, Communication and Society online first. Pre-print open access version (download)

Kitchin, R. (2016) Getting smarter about smart cities: Improving data privacy and data security. Data Protection Unit, Department of the Taoiseach, Dublin, Ireland.

Kitchin, R. (2015) Data-driven, networked urbanism.  Programmable City Working Paper 14.  (download)

Kitchin, R. (2015) The opportunities, challenges and risks of big data for official statistics. Statistical Journal of the International Association of Official Statistics 31(3): 471-481. (pre-print working paper version)

Kitchin, R., Collins, S. and Frost, D. (2015) Funding models for open access digital data repositories.  Online Information Review 39(5): 664 – 681. (download)

Kitchin, R. (2015) What does big data mean for official statistics?  Discover Magazine

Kitchin, R. (2015) The promise and peril of smart cities.  Journal of the UK Society of Computers and Law. June. (article here)

Kitchin, R. (2015) Spatial big data and the era of continuous geosurveillance.  DIS Magazine

Kitchin, R. (2015) Making sense of smart cities: addressing present shortcomings.  Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society 8 (1): 131-136 online first

Kitchin, R., Lauriault, T. and McArdle, G. (2015) Knowing and governing cities through urban indicators, city benchmarking and real-time dashboards.  Regional Studies, Regional Science 2: 1-28. (download)

Kitchin, R., Lauriault, T. and McArdle, G. (2015) Urban indicators and dashboards: epistemology, contradictions and power/knowledge.  Regional Studies, Regional Science 2(1) 43-45. (download)

Kitchin, R. and Lauriault, T. (2015) Small data in the era of big data.  GeoJournal 80(4): 463-475,  online first Pre-print version (download)

McArdle, G. and Kitchin, R. (2015) Improving the Veracity of Open and Real-Time Urban Data. The Programmable City Working Paper 13 (download)

Kitchin, R., Maalsen, S. and McArdle, G. (2015) The Praxis and Politics of Building Urban Dashboards.  Programmable City Working Paper 11.  (download)

Perng, S. and Kitchin, R. (2015) Solutions, Strategies and Frictions in Civic Hacking.  Programmable City Working Paper 10.  (download)

Kitchin, R. and Lauriault, T. (2014) Towards critical data studies: Charting and unpacking data assemblages and their work.  SSRN (download)

Kitchin, R. (2014) Big data, new epistemologies and paradigm shifts.  Big Data and Society 1(April-June): 1-12. (download)

Kitchin, R. (2014)  The real-time city? Big data and smart urbanism.  GeoJournal 79(1): 1-14. (download)

Kitchin, R. (2014) From a single line of code to an entire city: Reframing thinking on code and the city.  The Programmable City Working Paper 4.  SSRN (download)

Kitchin, R. and Lauriault, T. (2014) Small data, data infrastructures and big data. SSRN

Kitchin, R. (2014, first draft) Big data. The International Encyclopedia of Geography: People, the Earth, Environment, and Technology.

Kitchin, R. (2013)  Big data and human geography: Opportunities, challenges and risks.  Dialogues in Human Geography 3(3) 262–267 (download)

Dodge, M. and Kitchin, R. (2013)  Crowdsourced cartography: Mapping experience and knowledge.  Environment and Planning A 45(1) 19 – 36 (download)

Kitchin, R. (2011)  The Programmable City.  Environment and Planning B 38: 945-951 (download)

Dodge, M. and Kitchin, R. (2007) Outlines of a world coming in existence’: Pervasive computing and the ethics of forgetting.  Environment and Planning B 34(3): 431-445 (download)

Kitchin, R., Bartley, B., Gleeson, J., Cowman, M., Fotheringham, S. and Lloyd, C.  (2007)  Joined-up Thinking across the Irish Border: Making the Data more Compatible.  Journal of Cross Border Studies 2: 22-33. (download)

Dodge, M. and Kitchin, R. (2005)  Codes of life: Identification codes and the machine-readable world. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space.  23(6): 851 – 881 (download)

Blog posts

Four critiques of open data initiatives. ProgCity blog (9 Nov 2013)

Chiselling away at open data blockages. ProgCity blog (19 Nov 2013)

Big data should complement small data, not replace them.  LSE Impact blog.  (27 June 2014)

Is big data going to radically transform how knowledge is produced across all disciplines of the academy?  Big Data and Society blog. (23 June 2014)

Whither small data? Social Science Space. (19 September 2014)


Lecture at launch of MIT’s Institute for Data, Systems and Society on the ethics and risks of urban big data and smart cities.

Lecture at Big Data – Social Data at Warwick University

Rob Kitchin – Introduction to the Data and the City Workshop from The Programmable City on Vimeo.

Lecture – Open data: open and shut case? – at Dublinked event, Dublin.

Lecture at New Techniques and Technologies for Statistics conference, Brussels.

Bookcast video interview for Big Data and Society

Lecture at FAU Erlangen-Nurnberg: Smart urbanism, big data and new ways to know and govern cities

Oxford Internet Institute Bellwether Lecture – see Big Data and Smart Urbanism



Professor Rob Kitchin – Funding Models for Open Access Digital Repositories from Digital Repository of Ireland on Vimeo.




Social media

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